Yvonne Coomber

Yvonne has lived a colourful and textured life and this is reflected in her paintings.

She was brought up on a farm and also spent a large portion of her childhood in the Emerald Isle, her mothers homeland. She has been greatly influenced by the simplicity and beauty that is woven into the land there and by the gentle passion that runs through both the people and culture. Surrounded by music and magic in her childhood Yvonne developed a deep love of life early on.

Inspired by the world and all it contained Yvonne travelled widely in her twenties with a thirst for exploration and discovery. She has spent time living and working in the Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. All of these experiences are woven into the many layers of her paintings and give them a poetical quality. Her images can be dreamt into.

A profound spirit of curiosity and deep enquiry led her to pursue a degree in philosophy and literature at Brighton University. Yvonne has been painting professionally for the past twelve years and her work sells internationally as well as throughout the UK. Pieces are held in many private collections throughout the world.

I am loving you with all my heart by Yvonne CoomberI AM LOVING YOU WITH ALL MY HEART – NEW
90cm x 90cm



Mermaids dance in this place by Yvonne CoomberMERMAIDS DANCE IN THIS PLACE – NEW
50cm x 100cm



Field of Dreams by Yvonne Coomber

90cm x 90cm



My Heart is Full of Your Sweet Champagne Loving by Yvonne Coomber MY HEART IS FULL OF YOUR SWEET CHAMPAGNE KISSES – SOLD
90cm x 120cm



The Power of Love by Yvonne Coomber

120cm x 160cm



Wild Dancing Hearts by Yvonne Coomber

1m x 1m