Amazing established artist joining Beyond The Sea – Heath Hearn

Heath Hern ArtistHeath Hern ArtistHEATH HEARN

Heath Hearn was born in 1966 in Derbyshire. He studied art in Australia before settling in his creative wellspring of Cornwall, which is pivotal to his work. The simple lifestyle he leads there enables him to tune into the resonances around him, which encompassed earlier artists who found inspiration there.

His work has been compared to the St Ives School modernists
of the 1950’s and 60’s, notably Roger Hilton, Ben Nicholson and Ivon Hitchins. Much of Hearn’s work is hinged on a tension between the figurative and the abstract, and while all of his paintings are charged with energy, it is an energy that is engagingly relaxed.

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Untitled by Heath Hern Summers End Oil on Panel 20 x 28 cm £1750 Malstrom Oil on Panel 40 x 40 cm £900-2 Little Oasis (Summer) Oil on Panel 24 x 24 Inches £1750 Below the Bridge Oil on Panel £1700 Walking Home, Stages 1,2 and 3 Oil on Panel 20 X 27 Inches £1750