Debbie Lord

Born and raised in Scotland, Debbie went on to study in London and now resides in Penzance, Cornwall.

She fell in love with this beautiful region after holidaying in the area and considered it a perfect environment in which to raise a family.

In fulfilling her desire to live by the sea, Debbie believes her artwork conveys her love of Cornwall with it’s calm pace of life and wonderful scenery. Inspired by her long walks through coastal villages and the reflection of light on the sea, Debbie translates these images by using bold colour and simple shapes to express the unique tranquillity of Cornish life.

Scotland also remains close to her heart and her frequent visits to family also play a part in her work

Spring Blues by Debbie Lord

30cm x 30cm
£300 + delivery




Sea Pinks by Debbie LordSEAPINKS
38cm x 38cm
£350 + delivery




Foxgloves and Cowparsley by Debbie LordFOXGLOVES AND COWPARSLEY
30cm x 38cm



A Day in July by Debbie Lord

25cm x 45cm
£35o + delivery